Saturday, July 16, 2011

my cosplay wishlist

like you guys care about that!! lol.

I have spent a few posts talking about cosplay and what I want to do... I think this is the perfect time to gather pics and references of all the characters I want to cosplay as... in order of most wanting to least wanting

Cosplay want #1
NAME:Dead Master
SERIES:Black Rock Shooter

OTHER INFO:I will have to find someone who can tell me how to make a decent scythe... I have a pretty good idea of how to make the horns, and I have thought of 2 different ways to make the gloves for her weird skeletal hands

Cosplay want #2
SERIES:Character: Portal Version: Miku Miku Dance

OTHER INFO:The glowing purple trim on her outfit in the pic is not normally there... I think that is just artist interpretation. I have seen some videos where they gave Glados glasses... so I don't think I will need to get contacts

Cosplay want #3
NAME:Luka Megurine

OTHER INFO:These pictures are of Luka's "default outfit"... artists have portrayed her in multiple different outfits... so I could just get the wig and contacts and just wear my normal clothes if I don't get the costume done in time for a convention or something

Cosplay want #4
NAME:Lettuce Midorikawa (Waitress Uniform)
SERIES:Tokyo Mew Mew

OTHER INFO:I only want to do the waitress uniform, her Mew Mew outfit is too revealing for (modest ol') me

Cosplay want #5
SERIES:Kingdom Hearts

OTHER INFO:I first wanted to crossplay this character because Jessi started cosplaying Roxas and started calling me Axel-kun....That wig will be a pain in the ass the style though

Cosplay want #6
NAME:Miyuki Takara

OTHER INFO:I could use the same wig for this cosplay as I could for the luka cosplay.... (YAY)

Cosplay want #7
NAME:Renge Houshakuji
SERIES:Ouran High School Host Club

OTHER INFO:the first time I wanted to cosplay Renge was because I liked her character (even though she was annoying)... and my natural hair color at the time was the same as hers

Cosplay want #8
SERIES:Keroro Gunso

OTHER INFO:This is more of a "fer teh lulz" cosplay... it would probably consist of a white shirt with black sleeves with the logo on it, a pair of black pants, a tail made out of paper and wire.... and of course the hat

Cosplay want #9
SERIES:Nanaka 6/17

OTHER INFO:I only want to cosplay Nanaka because I like her character... I am way to tall and chubby to pull of this character... but I want to cosplay her anyway

Thursday, June 16, 2011

So Far, So Good.


I am now a graduated individual, and I decided to try and keep up on this journal, even though it was a school assignment... but now this means I don't need to worry about my teacher reading it, and if he does, it won't matters..... so...

FUCK!!!!!!!!!<--- (yay for unnecessary profanity)

I passed by the skin of my teeth, I am really hoping college is a different experience.

I am planning on going to College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, and majoring in Digital Media. Several times I have been asked what that entails and I am kinda tired of explaining it, but because I love you who read this, I will tell you.
Digital Media is basically a "make stuff with computers" major.
It's like graphic design on steroids. Some of the classes include
and others.

I could make a career out of special effects in videos, or just designing t-shirts and selling them at anime conventions. I would be happy either way.

wish me luck

Monday, May 16, 2011

Anime Club

Well, this assignment was about our favorite memory from high school. I would have to say, my fave memory was when I was the president of my school's Anime Club...

We had meetings every Friday after school in Mr.Williams's room. Although most of my time in the club was spent on trying to quiet everyone down, We watched 1st episodes of alot of animes. We only watched first episodes because if somebody was gone one Friday, they wouldn't be behind... and if they didn't like the series we were watching, we could just go to a different series the next week... If they liked the series they could watch it on their own time... only once in a while was there an unanimous vote to continue a series. (Everyone liked Ouran Highschool Host Club). But unfortunately, all good things die young...

I had so many plans for the club, I was thinking we could do stuff like cosplay workshops, tea ceremonies, Kanji lessons and Kendo lessons... but unfortunately after the summer, the school made a new policy for clubs. We as a club had to submit a constitution to be approved by the student government... every time I sent in a constitution, they would tell me something was wrong with it... I would fix it to what they said, turn it back in, then they would have another problem... after submitting it over 9000 times, I just gave up.... This year when I was taking driver's ed, one of the students from our school pretty much said to my face how she thinks anime and anime conventions are stupid and pointless, and that she was the one that "pointed out problems" with all of our constitutions, and she was the one that convinced the student government to reject it each time. The main problem that was "pointed out" each time I turned in a constitution, was that the club didn't benefit the school or it's students in any way.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! It was a club... not a bureaucracy... which is what they obviously wanted from it. It was a gathering place for people who didn't belong, it gave people something to do instead of waiting in the homework room waiting for a younger sibling to get out of school. It taught culture, foreign language, foreign activities and foreign lifestyles, and how people in Japan (and parts of Asia) saw themselves and the rest of the world... Does the Art Club teach that much stuff? NO! Drama Club? NO! Even the Student government itself couldn't handle all the stuff we had planned...

Conclutsion: Anime is very dicriminated against

Senior Project

Well... I am finally finished with my senior project. That was stressful.

I presented my art to people on the 12th of May.
I had cookies and everything... I even set up the date on the same day as a drama performance and orchestra concert, so I would get more traffic.

but that had some downfalls.... imagine 50 fifth graders asking for a cookie when you only have less than 36... I had to make a "no 5th and 6th grade rule" on the cookies... I would rather be a "meanie-butt-face" than a push-over that gets walked all over.

While working on the project, the desktop computer that I was using was going all to crap, I had a few moments when I wasn't sure of whether or not I would get it finished.... but I did, and I am glad that I have one less thing to worry about. This project has been keeping me away from all my friends outside of school, and that really irritated me. >:[

Here are the finished pieces.... and of course there are more images from that art show in my deviantart gallery.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


OH MY GOSH GUYS!!! I GET TO TOTALLY SHOW YOU STUFFS TODAY!..... really. The assignment this time is to do a show and tell bit.... I want to keep with the topic of this blog. So I will tell you about a couple of my favorite "otaku" items.

My Kimonos:
I have two kimonos (Vicci was wearing the blue one in the video).
I have a black one and a blue one. They both have gold emblems embroidered on the fabric. My aunt has a friend from Vietnam, and she asked her to get those for me (along with a decorative box of beautiful chopsticks).

I wore those kimonos to Tomodachi Fest last November, but the belt was thin and the same fabric as the kimonos, so I (with the help of my mom) made a wide yellow obi (belt). The fabric is pretty cheap, but the obi is
Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.... I have to have another person help me fold it, and the belt reaches from my kitchen table all the way to the edge of the coffee table in the next room...

I wanted to show you a bunch of other stuff too, but I don't want you to get bored with this blog post..... so... here is a vid of the things I had in mind to show you

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SPRING BREAK!....... is over.

Well as the title says, spring break is over and I have done very few geek related things (awww sad).

I spent most of my break drawing characters for my Alice in Wonderland senior project. I tried to stay focused but it was very difficult; so many things where happening over the week. The picture at the top of this post is a preview drawing for the show.

My parents found a guinea pig abandoned at lions park. We were going to post a found ad on Craigslist, to find it's owner, but then we realized that you don't lose a cage animal, and she may be fast but if you wanted to catch her (or at least follow her) you could. So we got a new guinea pig, we named her Penny (because my parents are uncreative about that sort of thing, they always name animals after the color of their fur). She is brown with reddish parts (just like an old penny) and her right back leg is white.

Not much else to report. I did finally get a library card for our pathetic excuse for a library, but I checked out some graphic novels and manga that I haven't read before. Since this is a geek based blog I will give you a list of them and my opinions on them.

I. "V for Vendetta" (graphic novel)

I liked it, I understand why it's a classic. The scenes and stuff where pretty intense, and due to my manga fascination I had somewhat of a difficult time telling certain characters apart; all the men that worked in the government looked the same to me (except the fat or bald ones). This book also makes me want to get a Guy Fawkes mask (that would be epic).

II. "Petshop of Horrors" (manga)

I LOVED THIS ONE!!! The art was beautiful and each chapter was interesting to read. there was one thing about each chapter that made me giggle. In the first two chapters the main pet character looked human with animal like stuff (bird wings or lizard tale) but in the other two chapters there were no animal-like qualities. So the main human characters for each chapter would go into Count D's questionable pet shop talk to him about a pet they would like, he would take them to the back room to show them the "pet" he recommends. The main characters confusion as to why there is a human sitting in front of them only lasts for one or two panels then they continue without doubting. EXAMPLE:

Count D: follow me

customers: ok...... Who is this child? She looks like our late daughter. EXPLAIN THIS!

Count D: What are you talking about, this is a pet store, we do not sell people here. This is a rabbit

customers:Oh..... you're right she is a rabbit


it made me giggle, but every chapter was an entertaining read, I highly recommend it

III. "Tsubasa Chronicles" Manga

A classic for any CLAMP fan. I recognized most of the characters from other series and I love how the writers and artist tied all their previous works together; but I did not appreciate that chii's ears were furry in this series.... SHE'S A COMPUTER FOR PETE'S SAKE!. ((sorry, that was unnecessary geek anger)). I want a Mokona plushie!! Mokona is so cute!

Well that's it... I have no idea how to close this blog post, so here is a picture of hipster Anakin Skywalker

Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan and the Internet (a rant post)

Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard about the disaster over in Japan. They have had one of the world's largest earthquakes, a giant tsunami, aftershocks, and now people in that area of Japan are in danger of radiation poisoning. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and for the many that are left homeless and without food and water in Japan.

I am addicted to the site deviantART. On deviantart you post your drawings and art for others to see and comment on. Since this disaster in Japan, many people have been creating art in support of those suffering in Japan, many post links to charities to donate money to, and it's just very heartfelt and kind. But deviantart isn't completely different from other sites, all places have their trolls and people that think being rude and apathetic towards everything makes them seem cooler on the "interwebz". Many of these trolls seem to think that the only reason people seem to care about what's happening in Japan is because deviantart is filled with people who love anime and manga. If anything that is just the most ignorant and hateful thing. Sure, people like anime, some people are even obsessed with the stuff. That doesn't mean that anyone who likes anime only cares about the disaster because of a trendy pop-culture import.

Some trolls have even gone so far as to tell everyone to NOT PRAY FOR JAPAN!!. They are forcing their negative views about religion and telling everyone that they are stupid for hoping God or a higher power of some sort will help out Japan. A lot of people cannot afford to donate and praying is all they can do.

here is some of the stamps and "art pieces" from the trolls
created by ~black-cat-16-stamps
created by~ChocolateRayquaza
created by ~Ramen27
and finally
created by ~folkfiddle

I am totally tiffed at all this negative action towards people who like anime. I don't get offended by much, but this has definitely crossed the line for me. My hobbies and interests should not label what I believe, and what I support.
When I first saw the news story about the disaster, the first thought in my head wasn't about anime, ninjas, or new releases. I was thinking about the people who were dying or trapped living in a disaster zone, the people who were left homeless and hungry. I can't believe that trolls would act so heartless in order to appear superior... This is ridiculous

oh... new image! I think this will help people understand a little bit better.
unfortunatly there is some bad language....
click to see it

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My First Convention :)

I went to my first convention last August, Fandemonium was honestly the best three days of my life. It was also my first cosplay expierience. And since this con was only ten minutes away from home, I could call my parents if I forgot anything or needed anything.

I dressed up as "Moko" Kanae

I got a pair of painter's coveralls, and seam-ripped the front pockets off. I tried to create the logo for the front and back, using screen shots from the anime (I only had ms paint back then) and quite honestly it was horrible even though I spent a lot of time on it. click here to see it. A deviantart member (who just happened to be a graphic design student) offered to recreate it on adobe illustrator, and it looked awesome! (I am soooo thankful for it too). Then I picked out a bright pink dye with my mom. it was probably the most vibrant pink I ever saw created by dye (the costume judges at Fandemonium thought so too). We then took a picture of the logo to the screen printing shop in town and had the logo printed really big on the back. Then we went home and used print on transfer sheets to create the front logo. I took a pillowcase and cut and sewn it into a little pouch to put on my belt.

My costume almost won 3rd place in the costume contest, because of the vivid even color of the dye. but there were much better costumes there than mine. I still had fun.

Fandemonium is a convention of many different forms of geekdom, so anime was not the only thing being supported there. There were videogame rooms and tournaments, tabletop and Trading-Card games and awesome metals and prizes for winning them. I met lots of new people with similar interests as me. And because of Fandem. I have new friends that I still keep contact with and people still recognize me from this con when I see them at other events... I highly recommend con-going to any geek (or fan of something strange)... here are some more photos

Thursday, February 3, 2011

the first post

Hello. My name is Megan, and I am an "otaku" (オタク) (the Japanese word for nerd).
I love japanese media, like anime, manga, jrock music, and video games.
I like to think I am not obsessed, but I tend to scare people with my nerdiness. The average person doesn't enjoy dressing up as a character and walking the streets. But I love doing it!

Even though I live in "no-man's-land", we do have a couple of anime conventions (three to be exact). I cannot wait until the next local convention; Anime Oasis!!! It's coming up this May (two days after I graduate)! It will be my first four day convention, and I want to cosplay for it! For those of you who don't know what cosplay is, I will give you a quick definition-

Cosplay is a word created in Japan, it's mushing the words "costume" and "play" together.
So it means putting on (or making) a costume, and having fun wearing it!!

Most people would be ashamed to say that they cosplay, especially if they say it on a blog that your English teacher told you to make for school. But I know I am geeky, so that's OK, I am comfortable with my geekiness.

The question is: who am I going to cosplay as?

I have a couple of people I would want to cosplay as but I can't decide

first person I want to cosplay as is named Dead Master, from the OVA "Black Rock Shooter"
her costume isn't revealing and I wouldn't have to buy a wig (I don't have any cosplay wigs) the only problem is that she has very complicated horns on her head and skeletal hands

The second person I want to cosplay as is named Luka Megurine, I would have to buy a pink wig to cosplay as her here is what this costume should look like

I am so excited for Anime Oasis, and I am excited to continue this blog