Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan and the Internet (a rant post)

Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard about the disaster over in Japan. They have had one of the world's largest earthquakes, a giant tsunami, aftershocks, and now people in that area of Japan are in danger of radiation poisoning. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and for the many that are left homeless and without food and water in Japan.

I am addicted to the site deviantART. On deviantart you post your drawings and art for others to see and comment on. Since this disaster in Japan, many people have been creating art in support of those suffering in Japan, many post links to charities to donate money to, and it's just very heartfelt and kind. But deviantart isn't completely different from other sites, all places have their trolls and people that think being rude and apathetic towards everything makes them seem cooler on the "interwebz". Many of these trolls seem to think that the only reason people seem to care about what's happening in Japan is because deviantart is filled with people who love anime and manga. If anything that is just the most ignorant and hateful thing. Sure, people like anime, some people are even obsessed with the stuff. That doesn't mean that anyone who likes anime only cares about the disaster because of a trendy pop-culture import.

Some trolls have even gone so far as to tell everyone to NOT PRAY FOR JAPAN!!. They are forcing their negative views about religion and telling everyone that they are stupid for hoping God or a higher power of some sort will help out Japan. A lot of people cannot afford to donate and praying is all they can do.

here is some of the stamps and "art pieces" from the trolls
created by ~black-cat-16-stamps
created by~ChocolateRayquaza
created by ~Ramen27
and finally
created by ~folkfiddle

I am totally tiffed at all this negative action towards people who like anime. I don't get offended by much, but this has definitely crossed the line for me. My hobbies and interests should not label what I believe, and what I support.
When I first saw the news story about the disaster, the first thought in my head wasn't about anime, ninjas, or new releases. I was thinking about the people who were dying or trapped living in a disaster zone, the people who were left homeless and hungry. I can't believe that trolls would act so heartless in order to appear superior... This is ridiculous

oh... new image! I think this will help people understand a little bit better.
unfortunatly there is some bad language....
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  1. Thoughtful post. I'm saddened by some of the reaction you are pointing out.

  2. Stupid Trolls....they anger me......>-< DOWN WITH THE TROLLS!!!!!!!!!! ^-^