Saturday, July 16, 2011

my cosplay wishlist

like you guys care about that!! lol.

I have spent a few posts talking about cosplay and what I want to do... I think this is the perfect time to gather pics and references of all the characters I want to cosplay as... in order of most wanting to least wanting

Cosplay want #1
NAME:Dead Master
SERIES:Black Rock Shooter

OTHER INFO:I will have to find someone who can tell me how to make a decent scythe... I have a pretty good idea of how to make the horns, and I have thought of 2 different ways to make the gloves for her weird skeletal hands

Cosplay want #2
SERIES:Character: Portal Version: Miku Miku Dance

OTHER INFO:The glowing purple trim on her outfit in the pic is not normally there... I think that is just artist interpretation. I have seen some videos where they gave Glados glasses... so I don't think I will need to get contacts

Cosplay want #3
NAME:Luka Megurine

OTHER INFO:These pictures are of Luka's "default outfit"... artists have portrayed her in multiple different outfits... so I could just get the wig and contacts and just wear my normal clothes if I don't get the costume done in time for a convention or something

Cosplay want #4
NAME:Lettuce Midorikawa (Waitress Uniform)
SERIES:Tokyo Mew Mew

OTHER INFO:I only want to do the waitress uniform, her Mew Mew outfit is too revealing for (modest ol') me

Cosplay want #5
SERIES:Kingdom Hearts

OTHER INFO:I first wanted to crossplay this character because Jessi started cosplaying Roxas and started calling me Axel-kun....That wig will be a pain in the ass the style though

Cosplay want #6
NAME:Miyuki Takara

OTHER INFO:I could use the same wig for this cosplay as I could for the luka cosplay.... (YAY)

Cosplay want #7
NAME:Renge Houshakuji
SERIES:Ouran High School Host Club

OTHER INFO:the first time I wanted to cosplay Renge was because I liked her character (even though she was annoying)... and my natural hair color at the time was the same as hers

Cosplay want #8
SERIES:Keroro Gunso

OTHER INFO:This is more of a "fer teh lulz" cosplay... it would probably consist of a white shirt with black sleeves with the logo on it, a pair of black pants, a tail made out of paper and wire.... and of course the hat

Cosplay want #9
SERIES:Nanaka 6/17

OTHER INFO:I only want to cosplay Nanaka because I like her character... I am way to tall and chubby to pull of this character... but I want to cosplay her anyway