Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My First Convention :)

I went to my first convention last August, Fandemonium was honestly the best three days of my life. It was also my first cosplay expierience. And since this con was only ten minutes away from home, I could call my parents if I forgot anything or needed anything.

I dressed up as "Moko" Kanae

I got a pair of painter's coveralls, and seam-ripped the front pockets off. I tried to create the logo for the front and back, using screen shots from the anime (I only had ms paint back then) and quite honestly it was horrible even though I spent a lot of time on it. click here to see it. A deviantart member (who just happened to be a graphic design student) offered to recreate it on adobe illustrator, and it looked awesome! (I am soooo thankful for it too). Then I picked out a bright pink dye with my mom. it was probably the most vibrant pink I ever saw created by dye (the costume judges at Fandemonium thought so too). We then took a picture of the logo to the screen printing shop in town and had the logo printed really big on the back. Then we went home and used print on transfer sheets to create the front logo. I took a pillowcase and cut and sewn it into a little pouch to put on my belt.

My costume almost won 3rd place in the costume contest, because of the vivid even color of the dye. but there were much better costumes there than mine. I still had fun.

Fandemonium is a convention of many different forms of geekdom, so anime was not the only thing being supported there. There were videogame rooms and tournaments, tabletop and Trading-Card games and awesome metals and prizes for winning them. I met lots of new people with similar interests as me. And because of Fandem. I have new friends that I still keep contact with and people still recognize me from this con when I see them at other events... I highly recommend con-going to any geek (or fan of something strange)... here are some more photos

Thursday, February 3, 2011

the first post

Hello. My name is Megan, and I am an "otaku" (オタク) (the Japanese word for nerd).
I love japanese media, like anime, manga, jrock music, and video games.
I like to think I am not obsessed, but I tend to scare people with my nerdiness. The average person doesn't enjoy dressing up as a character and walking the streets. But I love doing it!

Even though I live in "no-man's-land", we do have a couple of anime conventions (three to be exact). I cannot wait until the next local convention; Anime Oasis!!! It's coming up this May (two days after I graduate)! It will be my first four day convention, and I want to cosplay for it! For those of you who don't know what cosplay is, I will give you a quick definition-

Cosplay is a word created in Japan, it's mushing the words "costume" and "play" together.
So it means putting on (or making) a costume, and having fun wearing it!!

Most people would be ashamed to say that they cosplay, especially if they say it on a blog that your English teacher told you to make for school. But I know I am geeky, so that's OK, I am comfortable with my geekiness.

The question is: who am I going to cosplay as?

I have a couple of people I would want to cosplay as but I can't decide

first person I want to cosplay as is named Dead Master, from the OVA "Black Rock Shooter"
her costume isn't revealing and I wouldn't have to buy a wig (I don't have any cosplay wigs) the only problem is that she has very complicated horns on her head and skeletal hands

The second person I want to cosplay as is named Luka Megurine, I would have to buy a pink wig to cosplay as her here is what this costume should look like

I am so excited for Anime Oasis, and I am excited to continue this blog