Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SPRING BREAK!....... is over.

Well as the title says, spring break is over and I have done very few geek related things (awww sad).

I spent most of my break drawing characters for my Alice in Wonderland senior project. I tried to stay focused but it was very difficult; so many things where happening over the week. The picture at the top of this post is a preview drawing for the show.

My parents found a guinea pig abandoned at lions park. We were going to post a found ad on Craigslist, to find it's owner, but then we realized that you don't lose a cage animal, and she may be fast but if you wanted to catch her (or at least follow her) you could. So we got a new guinea pig, we named her Penny (because my parents are uncreative about that sort of thing, they always name animals after the color of their fur). She is brown with reddish parts (just like an old penny) and her right back leg is white.

Not much else to report. I did finally get a library card for our pathetic excuse for a library, but I checked out some graphic novels and manga that I haven't read before. Since this is a geek based blog I will give you a list of them and my opinions on them.

I. "V for Vendetta" (graphic novel)

I liked it, I understand why it's a classic. The scenes and stuff where pretty intense, and due to my manga fascination I had somewhat of a difficult time telling certain characters apart; all the men that worked in the government looked the same to me (except the fat or bald ones). This book also makes me want to get a Guy Fawkes mask (that would be epic).

II. "Petshop of Horrors" (manga)

I LOVED THIS ONE!!! The art was beautiful and each chapter was interesting to read. there was one thing about each chapter that made me giggle. In the first two chapters the main pet character looked human with animal like stuff (bird wings or lizard tale) but in the other two chapters there were no animal-like qualities. So the main human characters for each chapter would go into Count D's questionable pet shop talk to him about a pet they would like, he would take them to the back room to show them the "pet" he recommends. The main characters confusion as to why there is a human sitting in front of them only lasts for one or two panels then they continue without doubting. EXAMPLE:

Count D: follow me

customers: ok...... Who is this child? She looks like our late daughter. EXPLAIN THIS!

Count D: What are you talking about, this is a pet store, we do not sell people here. This is a rabbit

customers:Oh..... you're right she is a rabbit


it made me giggle, but every chapter was an entertaining read, I highly recommend it

III. "Tsubasa Chronicles" Manga

A classic for any CLAMP fan. I recognized most of the characters from other series and I love how the writers and artist tied all their previous works together; but I did not appreciate that chii's ears were furry in this series.... SHE'S A COMPUTER FOR PETE'S SAKE!. ((sorry, that was unnecessary geek anger)). I want a Mokona plushie!! Mokona is so cute!

Well that's it... I have no idea how to close this blog post, so here is a picture of hipster Anakin Skywalker