Thursday, June 16, 2011

So Far, So Good.


I am now a graduated individual, and I decided to try and keep up on this journal, even though it was a school assignment... but now this means I don't need to worry about my teacher reading it, and if he does, it won't matters..... so...

FUCK!!!!!!!!!<--- (yay for unnecessary profanity)

I passed by the skin of my teeth, I am really hoping college is a different experience.

I am planning on going to College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, and majoring in Digital Media. Several times I have been asked what that entails and I am kinda tired of explaining it, but because I love you who read this, I will tell you.
Digital Media is basically a "make stuff with computers" major.
It's like graphic design on steroids. Some of the classes include
and others.

I could make a career out of special effects in videos, or just designing t-shirts and selling them at anime conventions. I would be happy either way.

wish me luck