Monday, May 16, 2011

Senior Project

Well... I am finally finished with my senior project. That was stressful.

I presented my art to people on the 12th of May.
I had cookies and everything... I even set up the date on the same day as a drama performance and orchestra concert, so I would get more traffic.

but that had some downfalls.... imagine 50 fifth graders asking for a cookie when you only have less than 36... I had to make a "no 5th and 6th grade rule" on the cookies... I would rather be a "meanie-butt-face" than a push-over that gets walked all over.

While working on the project, the desktop computer that I was using was going all to crap, I had a few moments when I wasn't sure of whether or not I would get it finished.... but I did, and I am glad that I have one less thing to worry about. This project has been keeping me away from all my friends outside of school, and that really irritated me. >:[

Here are the finished pieces.... and of course there are more images from that art show in my deviantart gallery.

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